Mandi Goodier is a writer who has developed her practice through self-publishing, artist books, sound and performance. In 2012 she completed an MFA in Art Writing at Goldsmiths University of London, where she pursued her interest in experimental form and narrative structures, otherness and thingyness.

Her artist books are held in various collections across the UK, including CFPR Artists’ Book Collection: Bristol UWE; Goldsmiths University of London Special Collections; BABL Artists’ Book Library.

At the beginning of 2014 Mandi was Writer in Residence at LUX Artists' Moving Image where she explored the removal of context and print checking as a form of art criticism. She has also participated in a series of group residencies including Whitechapel Art Writing Seminars 2011-12 and the Chisenhale Gallery XXI Century Residency 2010-11.

As a part of self-publishing collective Parlour Press, she has set up a number of reading room performative events across the country as well as participated in various book fairs.

In 2012 Mandi participated, and contributed to the co-edited and co-authored Idioglossia: An Art Writing Glossary, which explores the themes of art writing in a speculative glossary format.

More recent work sees her experimenting with a persona who only exists through online references, manifesting as nothing more than a voice on the other side of a smartphone camera.

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